Earn Money Doing Micro Jobs in Nigeria

Do you want to Earn Money Doing Micro Jobs in Nigeria?

Then get paid to make an impact!

Earn Money Doing Micro Jobs in Nigeria

Join Toloka and do micro tasks that support new AI products and research. Earn money wherever and whenever you want — all you need is a device connected to the internet.

About Toloka

The AI we use every day learns from data — huge amounts of data provided by humans. Engineers go to the website to collect data for training AI.

You will receive simple tasks with instructions, and people anywhere in the world can complete the tasks and get paid.

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Types of Tasks

  • Image and video

  • Text

  • Audio

  • City tasks

  • Information and surveys

Reasons to Join

You can choose your tasks and complete them anytime you want.

  • Simple tasks
No special skills or education required.
  • Convenience

    Complete as many tasks as you want from anywhere.

  • Fast payments

Easy and fast payment. Choose your preferred withdrawal method and get your earnings quickly and easily.

  • Mobile app

A friendly app for Android and iOS to complete tasks.

How do I Get Paid?

You can withdraw earned money using:

  • Payoneer

  • Paypal

  • Papara

  • QIWI


People from all backgrounds who want to make extra money in their spare time are welcome on Toloka

One can learn a new skill at any age—young or old. Even when you are old or in college, you can still earn a sizable income. Everything is up to you and how determined you are to create a source of income.

It’s essential to use your time wisely. You run the risk of falling into a trap if you only use the Internet to watch videos and play online games. You can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Internet, you can utilize them in such a way that could help you make significant money.

Join Toloka today

Use the Internet to better to make money online everyday. Learn something new every day, and keep your personal and professional lives up to date.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are small jobs for which an individual is paid upon completion. These might include maid, delivery or cab driver, personal assistant, freelance work, pet sitter, customer service representative, and many others.

The micro jobs could be online jobs, crowdsourcing initiatives, offline tasks, incentive schemes, usability testing of websites, surveys, and online service marketplaces, among other things.

Micro Jobs Sites

In general, micro job sites give their users small portions of a larger project to finish within the allotted time frame in exchange for paying those people handsome sums of money. Independently completing small tasks can result in abundant income.

Employers post the tasks or jobs they want to assign to the employees on micro job sites, which act as a platform for the employees to complete the tasks and earn a respectable wage.

Platforms for micro jobs are great because they let employees select from a list of tasks based on their skill level. Every reputable website for micro jobs pays its employees in cash.

Start earning right away. Join today, and in a few minutes, you can finish your first microtask. Other side jobs require larger time commitments or a waiting period before you can begin to make money.