How To Make Money With Your Smartphone

Do you want to know how to make money with your smartphone? Well, you can start making money, as freelancer just with your smartphone and internet.  Although, having a PC is the best way to work as a Freelancer. But you can still work as freelance using your smartphone. Here, we will look at some freelance jobs you to make money with your smartphone

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is probably one of the simplest freelance jobs to do with a smartphone. Your work will involve getting likes, comments, and motivating people through your posts. That is, you will help individuals and organizations to handle their social media pages, create better content, and interact with their audience.

Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you will write contents for your clients with your mobile phone. There is a rising need for freelance writers and organizations that want to build long term trust with their target audiences. All it takes is to download some apps to write with; some are:
Google Docs
WPS office
Microsoft Office Word


Graphics Designer/Illustrator

Do you know that you can create beautiful designs using your smartphones? Well, with Canva, that is quite simple to do. Here are some other mobile apps you may want to install on your mobile phone to help you get started as a graphics designer or illustrator using your mobile phone.

Online Tutor

You can tutor, online, on your mobile phone, those who are struggling with passing their courses. You help them out by teaching them what you know. You can teach college students and kids – from elementary school to high school; there are plenty of kids who needs your help.
You can use your smartphone to make videos, audio lessons, or even write articles, send them to your students or sell them.

Monetizing Your Skill

Now that you some of the freelance jobs you can do with your smartphone, the next thing is to become a Workaforce Partner. One way to easily earn money with your skills is by signing up and bidding for projects. As a freelancer on Workaforce, you can make money every month.

All you have to do is find projects, submit your bids, and complete the required task once you are hired. The amazing part of this is that the more projects you complete, successfully, the more opportunity you have to earn more money, as long as you remain active and maintain a good rating.