Well, one of the easiest and profitable online business is selling ebooks. This article covers Top 10 Step-By-Step Guide for Starting Your Own Online Ebook Business.

Top 10 Step By Step Guide for Starting Your Own Online Ebook Business

Ebook is one of the simplest online businesses you can start. You can start small, with little or no capital and grow big.

So, if you need additional side income, think of starting your own ebook publication. It’s financially rewarding and lots of people are hitting it big.

Some ebooks are just for sharing knowledge. These could be helping those who have some financial, social, or medical challenges.

Perhaps, you want to share how you overcame adversity, such as a health challenge, or how you managed to pay off your debt.

Whatever your motivation, you should keep in mind a few fundamental guidelines to ensure a more rewarding result.

So let’s examine a few of them here. If you want to start writing an ebook, surely you must have read a lot of them as well.

Reading helps you to learn how to write engagingly keeping the reader’s interest.

For example, if you are running a local eatery, you’ll also want your customers to return for more delicious meals


So, for developing that juicy and delicious meal; to keep your readers asking for more, you might employ a variety of strategies. Let’s consider some of them:

Use Anecdotes(Examples)

Provide concrete examples of what you are attempting to explain. Inspire your readers’ faith in the validity of your arguments. Anecdotes are also excellent tools for delving into complex subjects.

Use Images

Well, you are already familiar with the popular adage “pictures are worth… thousand words.

Images are potent weapons. They make things clearer; helping you and I to understand a concept better. They also stay in our memories longer than thousands of written words.

Divide Your Ebook Into Sections

Divide your ebook into sections and label all the passages that might interest your readers.

You can sum up a point or provide more details in sidebars or note-boxes.

Similar to graphics, break up the text in your eBook; to improve the reading experience.

Use Conversational Tones

Writing in a conversational tone helps your reader feel relaxed. They will feel as though you are speaking directly to them alone. Just as I am speaking to you alone now!

Your readers will gain a greater sense of value from your ebook. They believe they are the only ones gaining from the information you provided.

Use Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Shorten your sentences and paragraphs. Long sentences and paragraphs will be challenging for your readers to read; they will lessen the readers’ joy and enjoyment.

To avoid your readers dozing off, you can vary the length of your phrases and paragraphs.

A reader will lose interest in paragraphs of ebooks that are all the same length. As I said before, use images to break up your text.

If you are not able to use pictures very much, the other ways to still keep your readers interested in your ebook are below.

Use Numbered and Bulleted List

  • Numbered list
  • Bulleted list
  • Custom pictures as icons

The use of numbered and bulleted lists are effective. Most basic word processing software allows you to use unique images as bullet icons. They also have multiple sorts of bullets that you can use.

Using numbered and Bulleted lists help your reader understand your subject more easily and also, provide a mental break from long passages.

Use Easy to Read Font

Use an easy-to-read font and stick with it. Don’t be tempted to switch fonts to make your ebook more interesting.


Your readers will lose interest; it will end up confusing them.

Use Appropriate Font Size

Be sure the font size you want to use is appropriate for the line spacing you are using.

With 1.5 line spaces, a larger font (like 14 points) can be used, however 8 points will appear odd.

Try out several combinations to see the one that works best for you; keep in mind that what appears good on the screen could look terrible in print.

Consider how your readers will probably read your finished ebook (a reader might decide to print your ebook).

Add Title and Page Number

Add the title of your ebook, along with a page number to the header of each page.

It will remind the reader of what they are reading and who wrote it by including a title in the header.

We can use headers and footers for branding the ebook, but avoid overcrowding them (you can add your company name or web address if you sell online).

Do Grammar and Spelling Check

Most importantly, don’t forget to double-check your spelling and grammar. You can even hire someone to proofread the eBook for you. It’s worthwhile to have a credible ebook.


You can write your ebook by following the simple steps outlined above.

All that remains is for you to publish your ebook and get traffic to your landing page.

However, getting traffic and buyers for your ebook are entirely different topics that we shall look into next time.

For now, just the bare essentials you’ll need at this stage. Nothing more, nothing less.